• 2–40 Ton
  • Set Point 20–65°F (-7 to 18°C) (Extended Range Available)
  • Pump Capacity 5–140 GPM
  • Energy Efficient and Reliable Scroll Compressor
  • Non-ferrous Water Circuit
  • PID Control Algorithm

The purpose of water chillers is to remove heat from a process and transfer it to a separate cooling entity such as a cooling tower.

For large capacity industrial applications in which heat generated by air cooled chillers creates a problem, water chillers are generally used in conjunction with a cooling tower.

Mineral deposits buildup in the heat transfer circuit can degrade heat transfer and reduce system efficiency, so water cooled chillers typically require condenser water treatment to eliminate any buildup.

Whether you need a water cooled chiller for industrial processing or another application, Delta T Systems guarantees that our experienced engineers can help you select the right water cooled chiller for your application or customize it to fit and function to your specifications.

Our TC Water-Cooled Chiller is portable and equipped with an energy efficient and reliable scroll compressor.

With nonferrous water circuit construction, the chiller has pump capacity of 5 – 160 GPM.

Included in the microprocessor’s standard features is PID Control Algorithm.

Two of the many useful mechanical features are a freezestat safety switch with solid state sensor and a condenser water regulating valve to provide constant head pressure.

When it comes to Chillers, Delta T Systems puts you in control with advanced engineering.

Mechanical Features

  • Energy Efficient and Reliable Compressor
  • Electronic Hot Gas Bypass for Capacity Control
  • Stainless Steel Brazed Plate
  • Evaporator Provides Higher Heat Transfer Coefficients Due to Reduced Fouling
  • Condenser Water Regulating Valve to Provide Constant Head Pressure (Water-Cooled Units)
  • Refrigerant TXV, Filter/Drier, and Sight Glass
  • Freezestat Safety Switch with Solid State Sensor
  • Encapsulated High and Low Refrigerant Pressure Safeties
  • Nonferrous Water Circuit Construction
  • Insulated Polyethylene Reservoir with Removable Cover
  • Fail Safe Flow Switch Interlocked with Compressor-Strainer to Protect Evaporator from Contamination
  • Internal Valved Bypass Line to Protect Pump and Evaporator

Microprocessor Features

  • Dual LED Digital Displays of Actual and Set Point Temperatures
  • Display Temperatures Easily Switched from F to C from the Front Panel
  • Diagnostic Lights: No Flow, High/Low Refrigerant Pressure, Freezestat, Over Set Point, Under Set Point, Pump On, Compressor On, Partial Load, Water Make-Up (Active if Option is Purchased), Low Water Level (Active if Option is Purchased), High Water Temperature and Probe Fault
  • PID Control Algorithm

Optional Features

  • Extended Set Point Range
  • Alarm Horn with Silencer Switch
  • Automatic Water Makeup with Low Level Light
  • Return Water Temp Display
  • Reservoir Low Level Alarm

Please consult us if other options are desired.

Technical Overview

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