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Temperature Control Units are used in the converting industry to control the temperature of heat transfer rolls. Delta T Systems provides precise temperature control to ensure that your manufacturing process goes as smooth as possible.

Delta T Systems has partnered with Menges Roller Company to deliver fully-integrated heat transfer roll solutions to plastic, paper and steel converters.

Menges Roller is a leading manufacturer of high-performance heat transfer rollers and chill rolls. Located in Wauconda, IL, Menges utilizes CFD thermal modeling technology and advanced manufacturing processes to produce their award-winning line of liquid-filled heat transfer rolls.  Menges offers multiple design configurations, custom-fabricated to meet the needs of temperature-critical processes such as laminating, coating and extruding.  Chillers and temperature control units from Delta T Systems work in perfect unison with Menges’ lineup of single and double-shelled thermal rollers.

Together we’ll help your process run faster, waste less, and produce a better product.


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