Heat Transfer Rolls TCU

Heat transfer rolls

Temperature Control Units are used in the converting industry to control the temperature of heat transfer rolls. Delta T Systems provides precise temperature control to ensure that your manufacturing process goes as smooth as possible.

Common converting processes are coating, laminating and printing. Coating technologies can include hot melt coating, gravure coating, curtain coating and slot-die coating. These converting processes could require heating or cooling only or a combination of both. Converting rolls are also called chill rolls or heat transfer rolls.

Delta T Systems’ temperature control units and chillers are perfect to control the temperature of any roll used in the converting industry. The temp control units are connected with pipes or hoses to the converting rolls where fluid (water or oil) is circulated through the roll to keep the roll at a temperature set point.

To receive a quote based on your converting process, use the Delta T Systems’ sizing worksheet to determine the correct heating/cooling requirements for your heat transfer roll.