explosion proof enclosures, explosion proof temperature controlElectrical equipment can cause explosions in certain atmospheres. Equipment used in areas where explosive concentration of dusts and vapors may exist must be equipped with special wiring and other electrical components for safety purposes. To meet the criteria for the explosion proof rating, an enclosure must be able to contain any explosion originating within its housing and prevent sparks from within its housing from igniting vapors, gases, dust, or fibers in the air surrounding it. Explosion proof, when referring to electrical enclosures, does not mean that it is able to withstand an exterior explosion.  Instead, it is the enclosures ability to prevent an internal spark or explosion from causing a much larger blast.

Based on one of our largest customer’s requirements, Delta T Systems built a temperature control unit rated up to 550°F operating temperature. The unit uses a magnetic drive, seal less pump mounted in an open frame cabinet with all welded piping. The explosion-proof enclosure made out of cast aluminum will keep any interior explosion from spreading to the external environment and damaging life and property.

Explosion-proof enclosures are solid cabinets that contain different electrical components like switches, plugs, sockets, transformers, controls, and knobs to keep the surroundings safe from electrical hazards. These boxes are resistant to spark and shock, have a high tolerance to extreme temperatures and are available in different shapes, sizes, and specifications for different industrial applications.

Typical applications include:

  • Industries using flammable liquids for operations
  • Petrochemical industries
  • Paint-finishing plants
  • Feed mills
  • Plants running metallurgical processes
  • Chemical plants
  • Producers of plastics and fireworks
  • Producers of medicines, sugar plants, and candies
  • Textile mills


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