Delta T Systems is announcing a completely new concept in process temperature control with its introduction of a fully integrated, dual zone temperature control heater/chiller combo package. This new technology allows manufacturers to implement energy efficient control systems that include variable speed compressors and fan motors to control temperature precisely in a broad variety of production processes.

These new combination packages offer a number of advantages that will benefit production processes in pet and human food production as well as many other processes in the cosmetics or pharmaceutical industries. They are also applicable to press production systems that require a combination of hot and cold rollers.

Configurability, compactness and simplicity are hallmarks of these new combo units; and along with these new developments Delta T Systems has included industry tested and proven controls that can log data, predict future issues before they happen and provide adaptive control to allow any process to continue to operate at a lower, controlled speed before a mandatory maintenance shutdown.

Key combo unit benefits include:

  • Integrated system saves space and money since both circuits are contained in one cabinet and are managed by a single controller
  • Standard single controller and program capable of controlling two processes at different temperatures and pumping capacities
  • Precise temperature control within 0.5°F using modulating valves and PID control algorithm
  • Can be used in any application where a chiller and Temperature Control  Units (TCUs) are used in tandem
    • Ranges from 1-30 tons capacities, and above with custom designed units
    • Chiller temperature ranges from 0 – 80 °F
    • TCU temperatures up to 180°F for water 
  • More efficient operation and better temperature control since the cooling and heating circuits work together, preventing heating when cooling is on and vice versa.
  • Variable Speed chillers can reduce electrical consumption by up to 50% over fixed speed units
  • Control program comes with all standard features:
    • Adaptive controls
    • Industry 4.0 ready
    • Data logging
    • 4-inch touch screen
    • Remote monitoring
    • Single water tank/source

Taken to the next level, units can be designed with heaters and multiple circuits should the process require both heating and cooling all in one compact unit.  Multiple PID algorithms can control various temperature processes, eliminating the need for a separate temperature control unit and the space it utilizes.

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