Temperature control systems are used in many areas of manufacturing including products manufactured in cleanrooms. A cleanroom is an environment that has a controlled level of contamination such as dust and other foreign particles and vapors. In industries like pharmaceutical, medical, food, and beverage; the temperature, humidity, and pressure all play an important role in the overall manufacturing process.

When designing a cleanroom, an engineer must carefully consider peripherals such as the floor, air filters, protective clothing, and even the types of process equipment that will be installed for the manufacturing process to ensure minimal air contamination and easy cleaning.

Process temperature control units or circulating baths like Delta T Systems’ can be designed for use inside or outside a cleanroom to meet the needs of various applications and industries. Features include but are not limited to: audible and visual alarms to assist in ‘action limits’, RTD sensors for superior accuracy, remote process temperature sensing, and NEMA 4X electrics and components.

Typical Cleanroom applications:cleanroom process temperature control systems

  • Mixers and blenders
  • Jacketed vessels and tanks
  • Plastic Injection Molding

What our customers are doing:

  • Medicine and vitamins
  • Laboratory glassware
  • Extruding medical tubing
  • Surgical equipment and devices
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