Custom Temperature Control

When others might resist, we take on the challenge with a resounding “We can do that!”

Since 1990, our experience, knowledge and engineering know-how for process heating and industrial cooling applications has resulted in special designs that include include heat/cool combo chillers, pump tanks, special water and oil units, and large open frame temperature control units.

Mould Sweat Eliminators

  • Elimination of mould sweat caused by condensation
  • Precise cooling with turbulent flow above due point with PID controllers
  • Compact design 15½” W x 20″ D x 14″ H
  • Flow rates from 20GPM@15PSI through 60GPM@49PSI

Open Frame Units

  • Complete welded frame and piping
  • Up to 360 kW heating capacity (each heater is capable of 60 kW)
  • Magnetic drive seal-less pump rated up to 650°F with various capacities
  • Large capacity (up to 200 gallon) reservoir tank with shut-off valves

Pump Tanks

  • 275 to 5600 Gallon Reservoirs
  • Available in Fiberglass, Polyethylene, Stainless Steel or Steel
  • PLC Control for Easy Operation
  • Non-overloading Centrifugal Pumps with Various Capacities

Special Water & Oil Units

  • Multiple Zones
  • Cabinet or Open Frame
  • Wide Range of Heating, Cooling and Pumping Capacities
  • Various Controllers, Communications Ports and Protocols