Sept. 10th 2014

Delta T Systems is pleased to announce that it has reached a new milestone in its product development and sales efforts. Due to the strong demand for its product overseas, the company initiated a CE compliance program aimed at ensuring that its product offering will be compliant with CE standards and requirements. That program has been completed and the company is now in a position to apply the CE mark to its entire product line of temperature control units, both standard and custom design.

CE Certification

CE Certification is required for any product that is sold or used within the European Union. It is intended to ensure that mechanical, electrical, EMI and other design and operating standards are consistent, that products are interoperable and that user safety is built in.

Delta T Systems’ oil and water based Temperature Control Units (TCUs) have met stringent UL and CSA standards ever since the company began shipping to US based manufacturers; but with the acceleration of globalization, the expansion of distribution and the extension of its web based marketing presence, the company has found a new opportunity for its engineered temperature control units.

The scope of the company’s standard and custom Temperature Control Unit offering will be expanded accordingly to meet new application requirements in the pharmaceutical, rubber, die casting, printing and plastics industries.

The conclusion of this CE certification process means that the company is now in a position to respond to requests from OEMs, distributors and end users within the European Union, as well as exporters of equipment and systems within the US.

About Delta T Systems

Delta T Systems - Process Temperature Control Experts

Delta T Systems, located in Richfield, WI, has dedicated itself to one single discipline, Process Temperature Control.  Since 1990, Delta T Systems has helped production systems run more efficiently, thanks to their 160 years of combined experience, knowledge, and engineering know-how.


Delta T Systems manufactures water and oil Temperature Control Equipment, Pump Tanks, as well as portable air and water Chillers. The full line of system solutions is available in many sizes to fit all process needs, with temperature control ranges from 20°F (-6.67°C) up to 650°F (343.33°C).  Incorporating sound fundamental engineering principles, they ensure that users receive accurate and reliable temperature control and years of unmatched performance. Delta T Systems, American made, high quality units will beat the competition in performance, delivery, and service every time.

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Delta T Announces CE Certification
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