May 29, 2015- There is yet another use for Delta T Systems Temperature Control Units.

A popular manufacturer of Wiped Film Stills and Wiped Film Evaporators turns to Delta T Systems Temperature Control Units to control the cooling and heating needed during Thin Film Distillation. Pope Scientific Inc.’s wiped film stills successfully separate volatile from less volatile components for the food, chemical, and pharmaceutical industries.

For almost 20 years Delta T Systems and Pope Scientific have worked together to provide customers with production processing solutions. Delta T Systems is a manufacturer of process temperature control equipment and Pope Scientific is a manufacturer of chemical processing equipment. Aside from wiped film stills and evaporators, Delta T Systems also regulates Pope’s process vessels and jacketed vessel applications.Temperature Controlled Wiped Film Still- Pope

Pope’s chemical processes often require the use of multiple temperature control units to heat their equipment at different stages in the production process. Pope chooses Delta T Systems’ water temperature control units for processes that do not exceed 250°F; but for processes that require control at higher temperatures, Delta T Systems’ hot oil units are used instead. When recently asked “What keeps Delta T Systems’ temperature control units the preferred choice for controlling the temperatures of your process equipment?” Dean Segal, VP Sales, replied, “We’ve found Delta T Systems’ units to be excellent, highly functional and reliable, and definitely the kind of products we can count on for many of our applications including vessels, reactors, evaporators and distillation systems.” 

Delta T System’s temperature control systems can be customized to fit the many needs of its customers. Whether a stainless steel wash down cabinet is needed for a sanitary process or a remote controller is required to fit tight physical spaces, Delta T Systems can provide a heating or cooling unit that meets a broad spectrum of environmental conditions.

About Delta T Systems

            Delta T Systems, located in Richfield, WI, has dedicated itself to one single discipline, process temperature control.  Since 1990, Delta T Systems has helped production systems run more efficiently, thanks to their 160 years of combined experience, knowledge, and engineering know-how.

Delta T Systems manufactures water and oil temperature control equipment, as well as, portable air and water chillers. Their full line of system solutions are available in many sizes to fit all process needs, with temperature control ranges from 20°F (-6.67°C) up to 650°F (343.33°C).  Incorporating sound fundamental engineering principles ensures that users receive accurate and reliable temperature control and years of unmatched performance. Delta T Systems, American made high quality units are competitively priced and will perform to spec for a wide variety of industries and applications.

For more information please visit the Delta T Systems website.

About Pope Scientific Inc.

            Pope Scientific Inc, located in Saukville, WI, is a solution driven manufacturer of chemical processing equipment including process vessels, wiped film stills, evaporators, and fractional and hybrid distillation systems. Today Pope is internationally known - with specialized technical expertise in design and manufacturing of complete turnkey processing equipment as well as toll processing services.

For more information please visit Pope Scientific’s website.


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