September 30, 2015 – We’ll make you melt.

Various industries like chemical, pharmaceutical, food and beverage use materials in the liquid state that were once solids.  Materials such as waxes, gels, and even butter are formulated into liquids by using a melt system.

temperature controlled melt systemA melt system is a type of process equipment that is designed to control the melting process of a solid material to a liquid state. Melt systems are typically stainless steel, wash down as to conform to its industries’ sanitary requirements. A melt system is made up of a tank, a grate, a pump, and an external temperature control unit. The temperature control unit is typically connected to the process with stainless steel tubes or pipes that transfer a medium such as water or oil. The heating medium is then circulated through heat transfer panels which are then placed in a jacketed vessel or tank. A separate TCU or a dual zone TCU may also be used to control the temperatures of the melt grate depending on the application.

Delta T Systems offers a variety of options to control your industrial process. If you require a stainless steel wash down cabinet or a compact unit for tight environments, Delta T Systems has the water or oil temperature control unit for you.

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