November 23rd 2015- ‘Nothing Stacks Up’ Like Delta T Temperature Control Units

In many manufacturing and industrial environments, floor space is limited and at a premium. Rather than sacrificing valuable floor space to locate large pieces of temperature control equipment, look to Delta T Systems’ new ‘Racked Units’ to save manufacturing floor space and money.

When an industrial process requires multiple temperature set points, Delta T Systems typically refers its clients to its Dual Zone Temperature Control Units. However, dual zone units can be almost 3 feet wide because they are assembled in a side-by-side configuration, which is not necessarily the right footprint for temperature control units in certain process applications.

Delta T Systems now offers a newly designed ‘Racked’ option that consists of multiple standard temperature control units stacked in a vertical configuration. Casters may be added so it can be repositioned to accommodate production equipment configuration changes.

Depending on process requirements, users may choose Delta T Systems Compact, or Accent water temperature controllers. Any of these options can be stacked in a heavy duty custom welded rack. By stacking multiple units, users not only get multiple temperature set points, but can also save valuable production floor space.

Racks may be configured with remote electrical boxes OR without any built-in controls but able to work with customer PLCs.

Delta T Systems will review clients’ process requirements and find a solution that is just right for their application. Call today; there is no project too big or too small!

About Delta T Systems

            Delta T Systems, located in Richfield, WI, has dedicated itself to one single discipline, process temperature control.  Since 1990, Delta T Systems has helped production systems run more efficiently, thanks to their 160 years of combined experience, knowledge, and engineering know-how.

Delta T Systems manufactures water and oil Temperature Control Equipment, as well as, portable air and water cooled chillers. Their full line of system solutions are available in many sizes to fit all process needs, with temperature control ranges from 20°F (7°C) up to 650°F (343°C).  Incorporating sound fundamental engineering principles ensures that users receive accurate and reliable temperature control and years of unmatched performance. Delta T Systems, American made high quality units are competitively priced and will perform to spec for a wide variety of industries and applications.

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