In engineering principles, “ΔT” represents a change in temperature. At Delta T Systems, we’re constantly changing and improving to meet and exceed our customers’ needs for hot oil units or Oil Temperature Control Systems.

Our oil heater temperature control units perform to spec for applications in numerous industrial control processes with temperatures up to 550°F (288°C).

We recommend the use of Paratherm® NF Heat Transfer Fluid in our Hot Oil Circulation Systems.

Hot Oil Circulation System, Oil Heater Temperature Control


  • 6, 12, 18 or 24 KW Heater
  • Maximum Operation Temperature of 550°F (288°C)
  • 10 to 24 GPM Pumping Capacity
  • Heating Only or Heating and Cooling Capabilities


Early on in the application discovery process you’ll realize that we have the knowledge to put you in control with advanced engineering. Our customers know from experience that our capability is unsurpassed in the industry.

The T Series hot oil units are available as single or dual oil zone configuration and can handle temperature control requirements for applications with temperatures up to 550° F (288°C). In addition, our Off-the-Shelf components and controls won’t hold you hostage to proprietary, single source replacement.

When it comes to Temperature Control Equipment or TCUs, we deliver a measurable difference. All Oil Heater Temperature Control Units are now available with CE certification for export to Europe, or for OEM applications that have world wide export potential.

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